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Caught In the Perception

Here is something I wish to share, came as a forwarded email to me…..have really no clue about the author.. but do read on…

“A marvelous lesson appeared for me just now as I was exiting through the garage, to come to this little play-place they call an office. As I opened the garage door, I startled a large moth, which, upon spreading it’s wings, displayed a bright red “tail” hidden by the motley brown wings, more a “butterfly” than a moth. It flew immediately to its perceived escape, the circle-topped window where it frantically tried to exit through the invisible wall of closed glass.I raised the third-car garage door in hopes of aiding it’s escape. That caused it to fly higher and higher and become entangled in a spider web. Fearful that it would remain entangled in the web, I selected a long-handled broom to assist him escaping the tangled threads. At this, he returned to furiously pumping his wings and banging into the glass, which was, in his perspective, the pathway of escape, but remained his cage. By simply turning his focus to one side, he would have easily exited his prison. Rather, due to his intent on one direction, he remained confined, captive.”

At end of this email, what flashed through my mind alarmingly was that, “Have I ever been like the butterfly?” Honestly, the answer that came to my mind was “yes”.

There have been many circumstances of being caught in the “current chaos” instead of channelizing our efforts into “what can be achieved”. In the end, we get caught in the web, banging our head against the “glass” that we can see, instead  of looking around for the “broom”. But that is the irony of life, we never see what is in front of us, but long for what is on the other side.



Step back and look at the bigger picture.

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