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Making of the Family

The institution of marriage is one of the most sacred things of life. For two people to trust each other and share their lives, requires a magnanimous amount of courage, love and sacrifice. This journey involves the active and equal participation of two individuals, “give and take” from both sides and sharing of both sorrows and joys. Marriage then on leads to family.

Family is the place where a person should always be comfortable, understood, supported and heard. Family is the one place where one can hide from the whole world. Family has no envy, rivalry and controversy. Each person is understood almost without words. Family is where happiness lies in just being together.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Richard Bach

Being part of a family involves strength,respect, understanding and most of all love in order to flourish. Unless mutual effort lies in everyone’s part, family can never be complete and whole. Society has its’ own share of happy and broken families. Yet as long as we can help it, giving a try to keep the family going is a must. If all avenues and paths fail, then its’ time to break off the unit.

Below is a poem I found on one my social networking pages. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a title nor the author’s name. Yet these simple lines bring out the sweet essence of family.

Real happiness nests in simple:
In the way he comes from work every evening,
How she fills their home with comfort,
And how together they are every Saturday evening.

How she worries, whether he ate at dinner,
How he wonders what she is writing about,
How she permits not to turn off the light,
And how he agrees to turn it down.

How they make plans for the day and for the year,
How they sometimes do not interfere with each other,
How everything, in general, is going slowly
In one easy circle.

What is so wonderful about it? … It’s life! …
Here the pots rattle and the floorboards creak …
Yes! … but it is here that it is possible to love
And to read each other – to the last page …

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Snowflakes of Own

“Please keep calling me a snowflake. I like being different than the next person. Every snowflake is unique. They all come from the same place, but are able to establish their own identities, free and clear of any other snowflake. Snowflakes make this world beautiful.” Ed Krassenstein

From a single ice crystal of the right size, when amalgamated become a white blanket but when viewed separately has their own existence. Each flake, when frozen and accreted in their crystal form give their own individual characteristics with shapes a combination of needle, column, plate and rime of varying degrees. At the core, they all share the principle of dust nucleus of supersaturated air particles surrounded by super-cooled cloud water droplets as they vary thought the differing temperature and humidity zones. With the electrostatic and cohesive forces of varying degrees, each snowflake has their own intricate pattern, design and structure.

In short, keeping the physics as well as scientific jargon to bare minimum, no two snow flakes of nature have been formed exactly alike. Man being always his innate curious and experimental sense, artificial snowflakes have almost been created that are identical, but this has been done in very controlled and specific settings.

“It’s so fascinating to think about how each snowflake is completely individual – there are millions and millions of them, but each one is so unique.” Kate Bush

One can never fail to appreciate and marvel the hand behind the existence of nature. In its’ essence nature has taught us many lessons during our co-existence. From the distinguishing fingerprint for one individual to distinct snowflakes, life has thrown each one of us our own pattern of struggles, emotions, achievements and setbacks. Each person has their story to tell during their respective timelines. Like the snow that falls, each one has their own right season. Through adaptability, acceptance and mutual regard; nature shows that life in all its’ phases can be of miracles as long as we follow the principles of coexistence, love and harmony. Like distinct snowflake, reach one is special in their own aspect. Learning to appreciate these simple things, makes life more beautiful to live by.

“Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.” Henry David Thoreau