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Little “Bits” of Cake

“Cake on stick, once in a while, never hurts the diet.”

Baking a cake involves getting the right ingredients, weighing them and mixing them in the right proportions. For the more elaborate cakes, the icing, food colouring as well as the shapes of the base cakes needs to be set right. Ever tried making a “football field” cake without leftover crumbs. No matter how accurate and sharp the knife is, there are still inevitable crumbs of cake left behind.

Gather all the crumbs, crush them and mixed them with the leftover icing and chocolate, shape them and coat them with sprinkles or gems depending on one’s choice. put them on sticks like lollipops and freeze. Voila, cake on sticks like candy or more popularly known as “cake pops” are ready.

Although there is no recorded date for the creation of cake pops, this confectionery craze took over the industry from 2009 to 2011. Often credited to “Bakerella” a baking blog, “cake pops” rose in popularity. While the regular “round or spherical shapes” of cake pops are easy to make, tools are needed for making various cartoon cake pops, cubes or emoticons. Add little notes or messages on them makes the routine more interesting and surprising, something like the fortune cookies. Variations of cake pops are cake balls, cakesicles (cake sand Popsicle), cupcake pops and cake-on-a-stick. The evidence of their popularity is globally felt with March 25th celebrated by foodimentarians as “National Cake Pops” Day. 

With the changing diet trends and necessity of sticking to “little dose of sugar”; the possibility of having these tiny delicacies puts the strong cravings to rest.