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Face the Sun

“Sunflowers end up facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there.” J.R. Rim

After a month of restructuring the church garden, along the walkway numerous flowers were planted in and tended to. In keeping with the harmony and serenity of the garden, alongside the path, sunflower seeds were planted in. Later as the crop of sunflowers began to grow out, it was a pretty sight for sore eyes. Surprisingly on further tending to these flowers, it was surprising to note that few of them with their tall spindly and skinny stalks hadn’t started from the soil directly below; but had begun under the bugger rocks outlining the sandy path. Few had begun below the heavy rocks and had grown around them to stand tall, facing the sun.

“With zealous step he climbs the upland lawn,
And bows in homage to the rising dawn;
Imbibes with eagle eye the golden ray,
And watches as it moves the orb of day.”
– Darwin

While restructuring the bed of sunflowers, one can’t help but be awestruck at the strength of their seemingly spindly stalks. No matter from where they originate, they always find their way out, to finally face the sun. On trying to imbibe their strength into the daily life, each one has an inner core of potential and capabilities that largely go untapped. One of the many reasons for losing out on the inner ability lie in the reality that one tends to believe less in their own strength. Viewing every obstacle simply as a hurdle doesn’t help, unless we find a way to “go around it”. The environment around one will sustain every situation as long as one is determined to search out a way to use the resources at hand to overcome the obstacle, live the dream within and brighten the day by the rays of the sun.

“ Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” Helen Keller

An Ode to the Kansas Sunflower

Oh sunflower! The queen of all flowers,
No other with you can compare,
The roadside and fields are made golden
Because of your bright presence there.
Above all the weeds that surround you
You raise to the sun your bright head,
Embroidering beautiful landscapes
Your absence would leave brown and dead.

Oh queen of the September morning
You watch for the first ray of sun,
And salute the bright orb as it travels
Till the bright day of autumn is done.
Tho’ sickles may slay in the pasture,
And the plowman destroy in the field,
Yet, still will the corners and by-ways
The seed for the future years yield.

Then, Sunflower, peep over the fences
And cover the hillsides with gold,
And out in the cornfields, if tempted,
Again take thy claim as of old;
Salute, too, and nod to the stranger,
Who travels the dusty highway,
He’ll worship the sun crown you’re wearing
And love you for brightening his way.

So, Sunflower, grow tall in the meadow
And spread to the breezes your arms,
No matter if some do molest you
And try to destroy on the farms,
Let thy stalk all the season still gather
The sunbeams that come dancing by;
And then in September unfold them
To dazzle with splendor the eye.

– Ed Blair