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Caught by the Web

“Sorry, network out of coverage area.”
“Free Wi-Fi available”
“Is there network coverage in this area?”
“Is there internet facility available in this cafe ?”

The above sentiments have been either echoed by us or we have heard them on a daily basis. Most malls, stores, cafes and even public waiting areas advertise the availability of internet and free Wi-Fi. While for them it is a means to attract more customers, sometimes we do require internet facility in these areas. Yet the right balance has to be struck between the need and the time spent using the internet. Wi-Fi is needed depending on our professional as well as social requirements. Yet besides the eight working hours, how many of the remaining hours do we spent on the net ? Are we in the era where we are more anxious about the availability of internet at home or at social gatherings instead of spending quality time with our family or strengthening our social relationships? How many of us neglect direct interactions in favour of compulsive checking of our social media accounts? The answers will reflect on the extent to which the internet dominates our life.

Like all modern technology, the internet does open up a vast chasm of information, which can turn out to be quite useful or just distractions. The knowledge that we glean from the net is like a two edged sword, it has to be accurate factually and also add on to our enlightenment in a positive manner. For such a use, the internet is indeed instrumental to add to our daily time. Yet at the same, the web is indeed a trap with lots of data where the reliability is questionable as well as having an adverse effect on our daily life.

The scales of usage have to be precariously balanced. Introspectively, it all comes down to what we use it for; materialistic impulses or sensible living. If we engage in imbibing on trash like gossip, slander, impure or wicked thoughts; besides wasting our time, we feed ourselves on junk that causes more harm than good.
As Proverbs 15:14 says,”A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.”(NLT version)

Putting in the wisdom of His Word to practice, proper choices have to made regarding the use of the net. For the internet is indeed a treasure trove but if it comes at the expense of family time, loss of relationships or excessive usage to the point of anxiousness, then it’s time to reconsider whether we are indeed a victim of the trappings of the spider’s web.