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Switch to Outdoors

With the autumn winds and rains in full swing, the outdoors offer a walk filled with an array of colours. For the children, non rainy days of autumn are spent outside for they beckon them like beacons of joy and fun. To experience days like these, living in the country is better than the cities. There’s nothing better than the fields, the green and the beauty of nature to revamp and rejuvenate ourselves after a long day. Although it is true that the cities afford to give us the modern living, but the daily existence gets mundane and boring after a while. In fact the growth of modern technology to the feasibility of internet or app based food and groceries delivery, online shopping deals, excessive indoor entertainment options and increased working hours with limited breaks have all contributed its’ fair share to the humdrum existence. Even worse is when the regular childhood hours of outside play is substituted with gadgets and indoor toys.

The aftermath was that the entire focus shifted to living within the walls of our homes, to the point of limiting our daylight exposure.┬áThe recent report released by VELUX has highlighted the statistics and data researched about the “indoor generation”. The consequences are alarming not only to our physical well being but emotional and mental health too of the present and future generations.

To break from the daily routine of work-home-work cycle isn’t easy, especially for the city dwellers. The options though limited are feasible. First is to get outdoors as frequently possible especially during office breaks. If that is limited, try walking through a public park before joining the regular commute. Second, bring nature and daylight into our homes. Although we live smack in the city, the bigger the windows, the greater amount of sunlight in our homes Third, bring nature into our house with indoor plants, rooftop or balcony wall gardens and increase the ventilation. Fourth give allotted time for outside play especially for the kids. It would be great if the entire family spends some quality time outdoors. Fifth and the best option is to get out of the town over the weekend at least fortnightly or monthly and rejuvenate with nature. With many bed and breakfast establishments open all over the countryside, the break would be worth it. And for those of us who have extended family living in the country, it pays to visit them once in a while.

Despite all the modern conveniences that man has invented, it is the soothing and peaceful presence of nature that offers peace and brings not just physical wellness but emotional and mental sanity.