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Alta Alatis Patent

Last night being movie night for my husband and I, it felt pretty good to be watching “The Pursuit of Happyness” again. There are some movies which never fade in time and this is one of them. Based on the life of Chris Gardner, the C.E.O and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings ; it is an essentially an biographical film. The story revolves around a troubled childhood, failed marriage, monetary problems and difficult times; which I guess is a little of something that has happened to everyone at some point of time. But what makes the film adorable is that despite all the hardships, you find your own happiness. There may be many movies along similar lines, but to put them down from ‘reel’ to ‘real life’ may be difficult. Yet some of the real stories show us that although it’s difficult, it’s possible to rise from the ashes.

In fact, there are many more real-life people who have echoed similar times in their lives. The creator of Mickey Mouse was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of imagination and good ideas. Years later, many animation pictures and other movies start off with “Walt Disney” logo. Even Steven Spielberg was rejected from his university of choice. Nevertheless that never affected his talent nor skills, and he rose to become one of the greatest directors and producers of all time.

There are many more people who have gone through similar struggles. Some of them we may have only seen in papers, some heard of while others may be there who live in our own neighbourhood. If we look up our old high school friends or seniors and even juniors, we then realize how some of them have risen from their roots and have found their own happiness.

Although all these people have become legends today, at one point of time they have gone through the struggle and the toil. Immense courage and faith in oneself is required to rise from the ashes and build the dream. As said in Latin, “Alta alatis patent”, i.e. the sky is open to those who have wings.

We all have our own set of wings. We just need to find them, strengthen them, train them then look ahead with keen foresight and fly sky high.



Step back and look at the bigger picture.

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